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Roaring Cat Games is always working on a new game. Above you can find out more about what we're working on, as well as play our existing games. Click on any of the games to view more details.



In early 2014 the game development community in Louisville, KY really began to grow thanks to GameDevLou and Global Game Jam 2014. With this influx of energy into the community, Mike and Barry decided to take their game development efforts beyond just hobbying around on the weekends. While putting more effort into refining their skillsets, they participated in game jams to practice and push those new skills. During Ludum Dare 30 they collaborated with local artist and designer Loi LeMix. This collaboration worked out wonderfully, and Roaring Cat Games was officially formed. Now the team is focused on creating new games with a little feeling, a little humor, and a lot of fun.

Loi, under the alias LeMix for all his authoring labels, is an Aluminum Extrusion Engineer by day and a full-fledged Creative Designer when given the time. Loi has participated in several small game projects in the past under various artistic roles such as Concept Artist, UI Designer, and 2D animator. With a passion for gaming since his first Hadouken in Street Fighter 2 on the Super NES - now as half of Roaring Cat Games, he’s continually seeking for the next big challenge in game art.

Barry is a full-time web and mobile software developer, part-time student, and constant player of games. Barry has been interested in making games from the time he realized it was someone's job to create those SNES games he obsessed over growing up. He has a love for strange worlds, odd characters, and simple fun mechanics. While he won't be illustrating any amazing assets, he will make sure the bits and buffers are running smoothly to highlight the work of the rest of the team.



We are lucky to have a great local community of indie game developers. Roaring Cat Games does everything it can to help support the organizations below as they have helped us and many other indie devs in the Kentuckiana area. If you're looking to get into game development, please check these organizations out.


GameDevLou is a game development community in Louisville, KY aiming to provide a collaborative, and supportive environment for local game developers. Roaring Cat Games is highly involved with GameDevLou and urge any aspiring developers to join GameDevLou for their regular meetups. It's a great resource for all experience levels, and a wide range of technologies. It is also a great way to find others looking to collaborate on projects.

Run Jump Dev

RunJumpDev is a people-powered non-profit created to grow and cultivate the local game development community in Lexington, Kentucky. They host tutorials, instructional classes, presentations, forums and game jams, along with yearly events such as We Make Games. RJD is committed to educating, promoting, and retaining local talent, as well as bringing new talent to the Lexington area, in an effort to strengthen the bonds between game developers.

LVL1 Hackerspace

LVL1 Hackerspaces is a makerspace located in Louisvlle, KY. The hackerspace is a non-profit organization dedicated to to supporting and cultivating a local community for all things making. The space is membership run and maintained, but is open to the public. If you have an itch to create something, LVL1 is a great place to get started and meet others with the same drive to make.